Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the differences between “Majors Blue” and “Majors Gold”?

A:  Majors Blue and Gold are both intramural divisions which have some 11 year olds and some 12 year olds.  Each Majors Blue team has a combination of 11 year olds and 12 year olds. The actual ratio will be determined before start of season. Majors Blue plays on a 50/70 diamond, and Majors Gold plays on a 46/60 diamond.  A discussion of why there are two divisions, how players get placed into one division or the other, and other details can be found in the PowerPoint located under the “Document Center” link, titled “BYC Baseball Majors Parents Meeting 2015”.


2. Why is there a restructuring of the 9 and 10 year old leagues?

A:  We have combined our 9 & 10 year old leagues to echo the structure we have employed for many years in our Majors program (except for differences in field size).  There will be two separate divisions, Minors Blue and Minors Gold.  Every team in each division will have some 9 year olds and some 10 year olds.  A discussion of why there are two divisions, how players get placed into one division or the other, how many 9 vs. 10 year olds will be on each team, and other details can be found in the PowerPoint located under the “Document Center” link, titled “Parent Meeting: Minors Blue and Gold”.


3. How are summer all-star teams chosen?

A:  For ages 8-12, it is based on an evaluation by the leagues’ coaches of in-season performance.  For age 7, it is based upon a tryout.  Teener teams utilize a different system because travel begins in April.  For the complete list of details on the all-star selection process for 7-12 year olds, please see the document PowerPoint located under the “Document Center” link, titled “All Star Player & Coach Selection Process”.


4. What are “District” and “Select” teams?

A: In each year from ages 8-12, Cal Ripken leagues compete against each other in summer play.  First, there is a District tournament for the 6 teams in our District (Unionville, Aston Valley, Chichester, Brookhaven and Nether Swarthmore are the others).  The top 2 teams (usually) go on to compete in a State tournament.  The top 2 teams in the State tournament compete in a Regional tournament.

The “District” team is comprised of the top 12 BYC players from that age group.

We also have one or more Select teams at each age group.  This is the “B” team (and, if we have two of them, a “C” team), comprised of the next 12 (or 24) best players in the age group.  They compete in tournaments in Pennsylvania or New Jersey (or, occasionally, elsewhere).

Details on the selection process for these teams can be found in the document PowerPoint located under the “Document Center” link, titled “All Star Player & Coach Selection Process”.


5. What is “spring travel”?  Can my son play in it?

A: If there is sufficient interest and a coach willing to coach it, BYC offers spring travel to the prior summer’s District and Select A teams for ages 8-12.  There is no new selection process, unless players from the prior summer decline to play. The election to a District or Select team in May is, essentially, a one year term that includes the next year’s spring travel team.  The new selections take place every May for summer play.

Spring travel teams vary considerably in how many games they play.  Most typically, it is around 5.  Games are limited to Sunday late afternoons and occasionally Saturday late afternoons, to avoid conflicts with in house play.  Any player with a conflict must  attend the BYC in house game.

For further information, please see the document located under the “Document Center” link, titled “BYC Baseball Committee In Season Travel Program”.


6. What age is my son considered for BYC baseball purposes?

A: The Cal Ripken mandated age cutoff is April 30 of each year.  Please see the chart located under the ‘Document Center” link, titled “2016 Age Chart”. 

Note: if you have heard from others about the age cutoff changing, that is not applicable to Cal Ripken leagues like BYC.  It is Little Leagues.  We are not a Little League so those changes do not affect us.


7. My son is a very skilled player.  Can he “play up” with older boys?

A: No.  BYC does not permit players to play up.


8. What bat may my son use?

A: For the most complete description, please see the document located under the “Document Center” link, titled “Bat Information 2015.pdf”.  If your son is on a travel team, ask his coach if any special rules apply to a league or tournament that team is participating in.


9. My son has played BYC baseball for years and is now 13.  What are the changes in the teener years?

A: The in house Babe Ruth teeners league is for ages 13-15 (most years we permit 16 year olds who are not playing on any travel team or for any other organization).  In addition, there are travel leagues that begin in late April and, therefore, run concurrently with the intramural season.  The leagues where our travel teams participate change from time to time.  13-15 year olds must play in the intramural league to be eligible for a travel team.  16-18 year olds cannot play in the in house league and also play on a travel team.  For further details, please see the document located under the ‘Document Center” link, titled “Teeners Baseball -- 2015 Season”.


10. How and where do I register?  I don’t see a registration link on this website.

A: You register on the main BYC website rather than BYC Baseball’s website.  Here is a link:


11. My 4 year old loves baseball.  Can they play at BYC?

A: Yes!  We are accepting players who turned 4 by April 30.  4 year olds will play T-ball in the same division as 5 year olds.  Regardless of skill level, all 4 year olds will continue to play T-ball as 5 year olds. There are no exceptions to this rule.


12. My child would like to be on the same team as his/her friends.  Do you take requests?

A: We attempt to honor some reasonable requests for ages 4-7.  We certainly cannot guarantee, even at those ages, that a player will be placed with a large group of friends.  Starting at age 8, we are unable to honor requests to play with friends.  The reason is that starting at age 8 we have playoffs, keep a win-loss record, etc., so the best experience for the players is to have parity in the league.  The way to obtain parity is through a draft which takes into account the skill of the various players, and honoring requests causes a departure from the goal of parity.

13. If I have issues or concerns with my son’s regular season or all-star coach, what should I do?

A: We have found that the best thing to do is speak (live, in person) directly to the coach and clearly and calmly state your concerns and listen carefully to the response.  We ask that you not do so during a game or a practice, or during warm-ups; we have found that attempts to communicate at those times are usually counter-productive. 

If your questions or concerns are not resolved by talking to the coach, the next step is: (a) for concerns with a regular season coach, please talk to your age group GM, and (b) for concerns with a District or Select coach, please talk to Bill Potts, the all-star/travel coordinator.

If your concern is with a District or Select coach and relates to playing time, we ask that before any conversation you familiarize yourself with the document titled “Summer Tournament Playing Time (ages 6-12)” that you were required to sign before tournament play began.  If you no longer have a copy of this document, it can be found under the “Document Center” link.


14.  What is the difference between “Cal Ripken” and “Little League”, and what is “Babe Ruth” League?

A: Cal Ripken Baseball is a division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. for ages 8-12.  For ages 13 and up, the division is referred to as Babe Ruth Baseball.  BYC is a Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth league and follows Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth policies and rules. 

Little League is a different and separate organization.  BYC is not a member of Little League.

One of the difference between Little League and Cal Ripken is the field size and dimensions for Majors (ages 11 & 12).  Cal Ripken permits both 50’ pitchers mound / 70’ base paths or 46’ pitchers mound / 60’ base paths, and most leagues have adopted the former.  BYC utilizes both.  For more information on that topic, see FAQ #1 above.  Little League had not recognized 50/70 play until approximately 2014, and most Little Leagues have not yet adopted it.  Those few leagues that have adopted it use 50/70 for ages 12 & 13 rather than 11 & 12 like Cal Ripken.  (Babe Ruth 13’s play on 60’ pitchers mound / 90’ base paths).

Another, newer distinction between the two is the age cutoff.  For more information on that topic, see FAQ #6 above. 


15.  For teener travel programs, I have heard the terms “DelCo”, “EDCO” and “Senior Babe Ruth”.  What are they?

A: DelCo and EDCO are two different local travel leagues where BYC historically has entered certain of its travel teams.  Both leagues have different divisions based upon age.  Each year we re-assess which league is the most suitable for our teener travel teams.  This year, it is anticipated that we will have a 13U, a 14U and a 15U team entered in the DelCo league (two different divisions among the three teams), and a 16/17U team entered into the EDCO league.

Senior Babe Ruth is a travel league for Babe Ruth players after they “age out” of in house intramural program (which ends at age 15 -- see FAQ # 9).  It is a travel league.  Our Senior Babe Ruth team is mostly comprised of 17 and 18 year olds.

Tryouts are held to pick each BYC team participating in these leagues.  For further information, see FAQ #9.